STOP TIME-my song

31. května 2006 v 18:01 | Arwen |  .::Moje tvorba::.
till we´ll stop time
the dark sky will cry
the raindrops will fly
till we´ll stop time
the pain will start die
till we´ll stop time
I watch how the moon in the dark night
Shining with the light from the sun
the sun doesn´t give assuming light to the moon
the moon owe me this only one
it makes me thing how they lie to me,what they done
they turn up back to me and I will know it soon
I´m sick of the tension , sick of the hunger
Sick of their acting like I´m like this so longer
and when we´ll find the place to rest
we´ll be hide in the dark forest
Mabey some day they will see
how guite it´s be all alone and we
we´re remeber the every words
you shoutd be strong, you should be calm
you shoud by generous , but they´re wrong
but now...
Everything has to end
You´ll soon find that we´re out of time
We´re left them to watch it all unwind
Everything falls apart
Even the people who never frown
eventually break down
Everything has to end till....
It´s so hard to be left all alone
Telling you is the only chance for me
There is nothing hart but to turn and face them
All these words they make no sense
Less I hear the less they'll say
But we'll find that out anyway
We´ll wake up to the dream tonight
but they to the cold of the static
Fine line between real and dream
When things go wrong we pretend
that the pass isn´t real
No, no matter how far we've come
We can´t wait to see their fall
And till we come in over the line of time
out of world, then will be everithing good
will be everithing good
be everithing good
everithing good....
over the line...
till we´ll stop time....

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